CAPSIM® Business Simulations

How to form a team

The Capstone® is deliverable in online, on-site and hybrid formats. You are required to be part of a team to play out Capstone® Simulation. Each Team owns a business of its own. You have a choice, however, to be a team by yourself i.e. you would run the entire business as CEO!

Each team would own a business of its own and run that business for the next eight virtual financial years competing with other teams. Each virtual financial year is equal to one round. You could complete eight rounds in eight weeks i.e. one round a week or eight rounds in eight days or in eight months. What is important is that the team members are required to be at one location, preferably, so that they have the benefit of learning that takes place through brainstorming sessions while making business decisions round after round. As team member, you are required to come together for about 3hrs for each round, i.e. about 25hrs, over the entire duration of Simulation.

Each team member is recommended to be responsible for one different function (R&D, Marketing, Production, HR, TQM and Finance) round after round to get a rounded grasp of running a business. Further, each Team member is recommended to manage one market segment (Traditional, Low, High, Performance and Size) round after round. It is also recommended that each Team member take up the role of Competitive Intelligence Officer at least in one round.

As corporate managers, you could form a team by including other managers from either within your organization or from other organizations.

As corporate training managers, you could form a team of managers from within your organization, preferably managers coming from different function areas. You may also want to organize a competition round among Teams coming from different locations within your organization.

As students (MBA or any other business discipline), you could form a team by inviting other students. You may also want to compete with business students coming from other

As business school faculty, you could put your students together in different teams and see which of them have really learnt ‘how to run’ a business.

  • Pramod Prakash Panda, Infosys

    It was a great exp I have ever realized. The best training program I have ever attended. All the credit goes to you and the Capstone® team!!!

  • Mathieu PM Griffioen, TCS

    Although I have a B-School background the Capstone Simulation absolutely improved and deepened my insights in the financial metrics that drive business.

Capstone® Business Simulation International Challenge Achievers

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