CAPSIM® Business Simulations

Participants´ comments

Following are some of the comments by participants, from India, on Capstone® Business Simulation workshop:


Subsequent to the program, we have been advocating amongst ourselves, as to how motivated we are through the Capstone Business Simulation. I am sure we will have that task reminding, driving and inspiring us on the ethical and competitive business practices as long as business feels we are relevant to it. Chakravarthy J.S.K, TCS

This workshop is an excellent means of learning and experiencing the business functioning. I must say this is the best. I strongly recommend we consider rolling out this in Snacks unit and you may want to integrate this with our leadership building programs. Mr. Dharam, the facilitator for this Capstone branded program in India conducted this in a very professional and praiseworthy fashion. N. Srinivasulu, PEPSI

Excellent experience. Helped understand all functions of a business enterprise. The course was enjoyable and helped cap off all the MBA learnings. An excellent simulation game that helped evaluate our theoretical knowledge. PGPX, IIMA

Although I have a B-School background the Capstone Simulation absolutely improved and deepened my insights in the financial metrics that drive business. Mathieu PM Griffioen, TCS

It was definitely a very good experience, and at the end of the day, I realize that a simulation of this nature can really help open the mind to think aloud, make decisions stand by them and learn from one’s own mistakes. At all times, one must also be aware of competition which never loses a chance to take over, very much similar to real life as well. The challenge is to learn from this simulated environment and apply to real life, and I think that is what the final take away must be, not just in terms of business but also how we work and interact in our operating space each day, and how aware we must be to our environment. Ranjita Ghosh, WIPRO

It was a wonderful experience to have been associated with you. It was a great learning experience and I took some real life lessons from the workshop, especially around time being essence of success and always making sure the product is of quality and make the right investments at the right time. All these are within our control while the others may not be. It has really helped me think of competition in a different perspective. Vijay Sargunar, TCS

his is the best training I ever had. The training is so real world simulation. I encourage & urge all leaders to take this training. Dharam gave real world examples that helped grasp things better. I must admit his energy, patience and attitude. Vivek Hippargi, Wipro

“I attended a CAPSTONE® Business Simulation course where Dharam was the moderator. The way Dharam moderated the course was exemplary. He led the groups through the simulation with the kind of ease that only a seasoned professional and business manager can achieve. Those 3 days of training added value to me and it possibly would not have been half as effective without Dharam.” V Prasad, Tata Interactive Systems

t was a great learning experience and this is one the best trainings ever I have come across. It kept us on our toes all time after few rounds like we were running a real life business. Dharam had been a constant source of inspiration all the time with his expert guidance and die hard attitude. Harish Shivanani, Wipro

We had a whale of a time and outstanding inputs. I can assure you that all of us have brought back to the workplace some thoughts, some insights which should hopefully make us better managers in the days to come. Anish Roy, Pepsi

The program was really an excellent one. We learned those complex concepts in a very interesting and funny way. In fact immediately after coming to office I started doing some rehearsal with the 8th round results as I couldn’t control myself the temptations. I need to mention here about the first day morning session which was very interesting. The LIVE examples (I want to stress this word as the examples are from the current business environment) were really good and added value to our understanding. In short, you and capstone gave us a fantastic and excellent program. Ahamed Mydeen, Wipro

Will take this opportunity to thank you for your really great sessions. It has been particularly helpful to me since I dint know much of the jargons. Jitin Agarwal, TCS

Yes, really we enjoyed the program and it was challenging, fun and educative. I was analyzing the strategies even in my dreams for the last two days… Sairam Ramaswamy, Wipro

Dear Dharam, We never knew learning could be so much fun. Until we met you. Thanks for the wonderful experience. Participants, Feb ’05 Capstone® Open Workshop, India

I second all the nice feedback from our colleagues. For me too it was one of the best trainings. In terms of hands-on, it was the best ever. Thanks to everyone for all your contribution. My special thanks to Dharam and his colleagues who made it happen.’ Dhananjayam Selva, Wipro

Hi dharam: It was a memorable experience. You guidance, tips and (of course) the style of conveying messages is remarkable. Chirag Dhebar, TCS

Hi Dharam, What an amazing delivery and facilitation you have made during the Capstone® workshop. The Capstone® content, course delivery and medium of delivery, course material – everything about Capstone® is sensational, exciting. Through out the rehearsal and competition rounds, I was unknowingly biting my nails out of eagerness to win, perform better and compete with others round after round. I felt I was loosing real money, real market…. When I won, I simply was overjoyed… when I lost, I was determined to perform better. In one sense I can say, I hardly thought it was a simulated market and I was part of a simulated company…
Thank you so much for delivering an extraordinary course in an exclusive way. It has nourished my soul and mind. This course has made me CAPSTONE® addicted. First I thought it would be hectic and boring to have intense 3 day workshop and soon I realized I was wrong, infact no one in the entire team complained about the long hours as we were engrossed… Wow, how in simple way this workshop taught us concepts of Marketing, Costing, TQM, HR, Production and Finance. We also learnt about team dynamics … What more? We learnt so much in 3 days … how market reacts to various scenarios… In one sentence I can again repeat..., no words would be enough to express my sincere appreciations for the program delivery of Capstone® by you. Suparna Shankar, Infosys

An interesting exchange of emails: From A. Yeah on relative ranking yes but on absolute terms I think Andrews was much better. I must agree this round of simulation was a great experience and full of learning. By round-3 it was very clear that it was just going to be myself & Yogesh to compete for the top slot which took the sheen out of the real competition that we actually had in the original classroom round. However I used it (which isn’t guaranteed in real world) to experiment out many theories and learnt from the simulation. The capacity expansion game really took the pricing advantage off the table, look at Andrews’ capacity; I have left behind an asset-rich company with huge capacity. Mid-way somewhere I felt the simulation should have had provisions to takeover other companies so that we could have taken over Baldwin or Ferris, maybe that a suggestion for future release. With due credits to Dharam & Capstone® I think I am now able to appreciate the finer points of business management better. This has been a terrific learning and will go a long way in shaping my real-world understanding of business and strategy. Thanks for this great software. Reply from B. I too enjoyed my experience and the learning – and I’ll let Anand enjoy his run putting shareholders money into buying capacity and not getting any returns. Anand: You’ve got a Frankestein monster, which only gives you market share at cheap prices. Big AL has become a good friend of yours too. This game really clarified all those concepts – thank you for sticking on till the end.

Thanks for organizing this training. As mentioned by all it was a great learning & gave new dimension about how to look at business. The reason is oblivious excellent facilitation by Mr. Dharam Pal. He made training more interactive & interesting. He gave good industry examples to have more clarity. It was excellent way of delivery on his part. Finally all team members were all co-operative & shown high enthusiasm. This also helped training to be more informative & participative. Santosh Dhavalikar, Wipro

Please include my name in this happy campers list: yes the training was very productive for all 3 days (8 AM - 9 PM. The way the training structured is amazing, after spending almost two full week ends for it, the results and knowledge gain is amazing. I guess learning through simulation is more productive way of learning, over all Mr. Dharam Pal was constant knowledge source during complete tenor of the training, thanks to him. It’s the world in which we are living and most of the consultants are not aware of real working nature of it. After doing this simulation, I experienced the interest it generates in you about the subject. Prasad Deshpande, Wipro

It was a great exp I have ever realized. The best training program I have ever attended. All the credit goes to you and the Capstone® team!!! Pramod Prakash Panda, Infosys

It has been a great learning experience. Thank you for organizing this training and to Dharam for his great mentorship throughout this simulation session. His commitment to this program is amazing. Last but not the least, thanks to entire team for great participation. Vijay Matta, Wipro

Dear Dharam, The experience was indeed excellent. Thanks for a great time... Gaurav, TCS

Hi Prof Pal, It was great working with you for the sessions of Business Simulations. This training has certainly added an extra dimension to our understanding of management decisions. Ashish Chandra, Wipro

I look at things differently now and am eager to see the quarterly results of various companies which made little sense earlier :) Nishant Agarwal, Wipro

Hi Dharam, I thoroughly enjoyed this training and learnt really a lot. Hope we are able to have such similar courses periodically. Thanks once again for conducting an excellent workshop. Ravindra Karanjkar, Wipro

Subsequent to the program, we have been advocating amongst ourselves, as to how motivated we are through the Capstone Business Simulation. I am sure we will have that task reminding, driving and inspiring us on the ethical and competitive business practices as long as business feels we are relevant to it. Chakravarthy J.S.K, TCS

'Simulation provides a holistic experience of running a company.' J A Chowdary, President & CEO, Portal Player

Hi Dharam, Our (Erie) team thoroughly enjoyed the three days of the Business Simulation Program. It has been great experience working on such a simulated program and the retention capacity of information has been a lot better than earlier finance programs attended for a day or so by me. I would strongly recommend such a program for my friends and colleagues. We enjoyed working with you. Anitha Rajesh, Wipro